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Son of Dross / Re: TWO WORDS
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Measuring tape
Son of Dross / Re: Whats your weather like?
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Rain earlier but nice and sunny now ☀️
Son of Dross / Re: 3 word story
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With it's parting
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
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Afternoon all
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Word Association
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Son of Dross / Re: Re: 3 word story
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Norfolk causing havoc
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 14:00:43 »
Afternoon all
If you cannot get any I'm coming over end of September and will bring some over for you. I use it mixed with lamp oil for mosquitos, pesticide as you've said and mixed with coconut oil for insects biting you for your hair and skin  it seem to have many uses. The down side is the smell.
General Chat / Re: The south of the island: a myth?
« Last post by Ducks on Today at 09:49:34 »

Many asking prices are extremely - shall we say - optimistic.  Actual selling prices are less.  The effect of Brexit should help to hold or reduce prices.

I don't think the impact of Brexit will be as big as it could be, because other EU countries (Germans, Italians, Irish) have such a strong presence here; I feel like maybe Caleta will be badly hit by that, and that will have a knock-on effect on other parts of the island, but the south and Correljo probably won't feel it as strongly? I think you're right about actual selling prices, at least in some cases, though. When we were there last month, we looked at a few properties. Of those we were moderately interested in, on about half we were told the sellers were flexible and prepared to negotiate. On the other two we were told no chance. We're considering waiting until October when there are more properties available, though, because while there is one we are heavily considering, it is not 100% right for us. (Then again, what is ever 100%?) We're keeping our eyes open for a while, anyway.

Morro Jable is a good first time buyer Spanish Town. One of the best safe,  sandy beaches on doorstep. No need for a car - express bus service from Puerto/Airport. A mix of nationalities in our Community
Inmobiliaria Costa Canaria (look on google) have apartments and duplexes in town. The owner is from Finland and speaks English.
We bought here 3yrs ago. Great place with many improvements being made.

I will look those up now, thank you! Are there any areas of town which are nicer/safer than others, or any other recommendations you might have?
Norwegian not showing flights from Gatwick to Fue after March 2018.  Is this because the dates and times have not been released yet or has the service been withdrawn. I did a search on Google and cannot find any information.

They are apparently going to concentrate on long haul, and have come to some arrangement with Dire Air, sorry Ryan Air to link their long haul flights to connect with the others short haul.
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