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Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 16:26:21 »

Afternoon all
Not much there in the way of cafe's bars or restaurants. If you like life real quiet then it could be the place for you. Villaverde is just down the road of course with plenty of eateries, but still a drive away so if you like a drink or two it could be a problem.
Queries n Questions - Please keep this section succinct. / Re: forum
« Last post by paully on Today at 13:14:22 »
I heartily concur re FiFi who I count as a good friend..I too have been here a long time and if the late and much lamented and missed Tony Tree (Woody) had still been alive, most of this insult nonsense would`ht have got traction Ditto with the formidable Harpistic..Ditto with Appy Ammer, although I do understand why he non longer posts..There were of course others, but those spring first to mind.

  At least I`m happy I had the really good days on here, the humour without anger was enjoyable. Yes the hoary old questions 1..Is there a ferry to Lanzarote and 2..Is there a waterpark were tedious but always answered nevertheless..

   On the plus side I have friends I have made on here and I value their friendship and support at difficult times. The antagonistic types, probably one and the same person, have clear issues and need to look at themselves. I hope they do and would much prefer to be able to help..

   As for Admin, the forum is and always has been a bolt on, left to its own devices, set up. To call for a regulated framework is not possible. It just doesn`t work like that on here. Thats how it always has been.

Never mind it's only me, you and fifi can hear him. I think everyone else has blocked him. Apart maybe from a few ardent remainers who'd sell their soul for a quick EU fix.

Not sure of fifis brexit views but I doubt his sh(t stirring will do much damage to us.

PS, he thrives on antagonising and then playing the good guy to bolster support. I know it's nauseating to see, but Ignore him , the more you attack him the more other forummers will attack you. And he loves nothing better than that.
Son of Dross / Re: Todays Weather in Fuerteventura
« Last post by Captain Sensible on Today at 12:18:06 »
Mainly blue sky since midday. 8)
still absolutely in fits of tears over something he didnt even get to vote on.

General Chat / Re: Back on the bus. What a mess.
« Last post by dagwood on Today at 11:52:51 »
I hear Nigel is asking his supporters to TIE A YELLOW RIBBON ROUND THE OLD OAK TREE. 
General Chat / Re: Back on the bus. What a mess.
« Last post by MalT on Today at 11:44:28 »
Back on the bus? Remember to whitewash the £350m 😂😎
General Chat / Re: Well said Fifi
« Last post by MalT on Today at 11:39:22 »
Unbelievable, a thread which complains about  too much in the way of personal insults, is taken over by the very people it criticised. 😂☹️😎
General Chat / Re: Study of Corralejo dune road closure
« Last post by beachlife on Today at 10:48:01 »
Just for anyone catching the number 8 bus from Rosario to Corralejo the route is the same to PH, from there it goes back to the motorway. After that it doesn`t stop till the stop by the football ground. It then turns right at the roundabout down to Tres Isles where it turns at the roundabout back to Corralejo. Stops at the new bus station where it heads back towards the older terminus.

Just put this up as if I had known the route I would have jumped off at one of the stops and got a taxi to my place, but had a longer walk and bigger taxi fare because I didn`t know the route. Should have got off at Campanario as could have done shopping for next days breakfast and got a taxi.
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