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General Chat / Re: the end of theresa may
« Last post by beachlife on Today at 10:33:23 »
not if the uk goes for a hard brexit.

Japan didn`t need to join any of the EU institutions, so even if the UK does get a hard Brexit why should this stop the EU negotiating a similar FTA with the UK, as its in their interests as well as the UK.

I know its something you enjoy believing in that the UK will be destroyed by Brexit, whether its hard soft or any other type of Brexit. I understand the mindset of people who have a certain mindset regarding the UK, but I`m afraid to say that what you hope for will not happen. The EU have a history of huffing and puffing and at the last minute coming up with something which both sides accept. Look at the Canada FTA at the last moment the Walloons in Belgium kicked up a fuss ,but a rabbit was pulled out of the hat to solve the problem.
General Chat / Re: the end of theresa may
« Last post by Ivemovedon on Today at 10:18:36 »
As a good deal is looking less likely by the day , I'm begining to like the idea of no deal myself....
Flight Information / ryanair is screwed
« Last post by vivafuerte on Today at 10:08:37 »
flights cancelled, staff going on strike.

holidays ruined.

thanks uncle mick
General Chat / Re: the end of theresa may
« Last post by vivafuerte on Today at 10:06:09 »
hard brexit.

more than half the UK wants a hard brexit now

Yesterday, while what cloud there was moved away quite quickly, the haze stayed around all day, other than that it was a warm day temperature in the low 30,s C with a moderate N/Easterly wind of 14/16 Mph, which increased 18/20 around 19:00 only to ease back again around 22:00.




Today 07:45

Another hazy start with small amounts of cloud.

Temp. 20 C.

Wind. Northerly 14/16 Mph.

Humidity. 74%

Visibility. Fair.

Sea. A4/5 Ft swell.

UV. Currently, 6 forecast to be 12 by midday.

Forecast:- Very much a repeat of yesterday, what little cloud there is to clear, temps in the high 20,s to low 30,s C. wind again to move N/E and then back Northerly again.
Son of Dross / Re: Todays Weather in Fuerteventura
« Last post by Captain Sensible on Today at 08:02:55 »
Blue sky with some very high white cloud at 8am.

A sunny day is forecast, with a shade temperature of 28, up to a 30 kph NE wind and a UV index of 11. 8)
It is the new Mama Mia film Tamara.
Son of Dross / Re: Fuerte and other places here we come
« Last post by dee-dee on Today at 07:14:43 »
Liverpool via Leeds next weekend  ;D
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