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Naturism / Re: Magic Life Nov 2017 naturist area .
« Last post by bigcountry on Today at 18:56:20 »
Hows the weather looking for Nov 4th - Nov 11th 2017 ?
General Chat / island flights
« Last post by CORNISH BOY on Today at 18:49:29 »
Hello can anyone tell me ,I have a flight booked with binter to Tenerife from Fuert ,for a couple of days ,at the airport here do you have to go through the normal check in ect ,,or is it a different area of the airport ,,many thanks
Son of Dross / Re: 3 word story
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 18:24:54 »

Too big for
Son of Dross / Re: TWO WORDS
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 18:23:15 »
Linda Lovelace, now she was quite a girl

As her dentist was reported to have said 'she had the best set of teeth he had ever come across' 😮😮😂😂

Archeological dig

Archeological team
When I was out in Fven a few weeks ago I noticed that signs for Yoga were displayed on it.  Someone has made a garden there.  I did not investigate what was going on but it looks like there may be squatters there.  Does anyone have any information about this?

Probably, but I did not want to exaggerate.

I read somewhere about a year ago, that The Olivia  Ayamento was going to compulsory purchase it and demolish it, but out hear that could take 20 Years.

20 years? so that means itll still be there in 40 years then?
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 18:19:09 »

Evening all
General Chat / Re: Car Hire Rip-Off at Airports
« Last post by dagwood on Today at 17:40:08 »
Some time ago I rented from Hertz in Fuerteventura and they were horrible to deal with but I read on here that in Fuerteventura its a franchise your dealing with and nobody cares and just want to pass the day as easy as possible.     

i've hired with hertz in Fuerte 3 times in the last 2 years with no issues. also no hidden charges (unlike ryannair)
Bully for you. Now get someone to read the next few lines for you.
Europcar, Goldcar and Firefly, which is owned by Hertz, all added charges to bookings by a reporter in Spain. This is taken  from woe 10s post. Actually the whole article is worth a look.

Probably booked through Monarch as you are incapable of reading the T&C if your performance on this forum is anything to go by, and paid the extra premium unknown yourself.   
General Chat / Re: Another new hotel in El Cotillo?
« Last post by PRIDEspark on Today at 16:43:12 »
If the rate of change in Cotillo is as rapid over the next 15 years as it has been over the last it's going to be quite some transition.

Anyone remember there was nothing from Puerto Nuevo to the cliffs except open land and the house flying the jolly roger ?. Even the Spanish old boys who used to congregate on the bench are not there any more. Well maybe they still are but I never saw them when we stayed last time. Perhaps there's too many noisy Italians even for them.

On a good note the restaurant and bar scene should move along with the change if that's what you are after. And should be no shortage of Italian ice cream.
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on Today at 16:43:08 »
IGN have added another earthquake for La Palma yesterday.

1.7 mbLg   SE SAN JUAN DE PUNTALLANA.ILP   2017/10/19 07:07:53   12   +info

And another earthquake for El Hierro this morning.

1.9 mbLg   SW EL PINAR.IHI  2017/10/20 00:20:32  +info
I was in Corralejo in June and a fella who was standing in between the big steak house and the chinese shop asked me if i wanted any of the "green stuff" and if I did, I should go to the Kiwi Bar
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