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Thanks John. You. You & management certainly get around 😂🤣😂🤣
« Last post by spitfire58 on Today at 10:34:34 »
That’s the problem pp1.
Which I think comes down to two basic reasons that actually feed off one another.
1 - when people come on holiday they just completely ignore rules & say effectively, I am not Spanish, I can’t read Spanish &/so the rules dont apply to me. These tend to be the same type of people who have multiple asbo’s (IMO) in U.K.
2 - the Spanish police are quite lax at imposing rules unless there is a benefit in it for them & the cabildo don’t want to hurt there tourist trade which is mega important to the island.
Just my thoughts on this though !!
General Chat / Re: Forum list of "Peekers"
« Last post by beachlife on Today at 10:29:52 »
Let's make a list of droopy balled - sandal wearing forum "peekers" just so we know who they are:

Probably need their hard drives checking too.

Feel free to add others.

You weren`t on my my list of blocked posters Brightspark but happy now to add you to my list now.

I suspect I will be the only one on here that looks at the electric scooter situation as an opportunity.  Traffic in Caleta and everywhere else on the island continues to build as Fuerteventura gets more popular.  Parking is getting more and more difficult.  Whilst it would be great if people just walked everywhere that is not going to ever happen.  Likewise the days of the pedal bike are a bygone era from the perspective of many and are the bain of pedestrian and car driver alike.  Major cities in the US and elsewhere are recognising that scooters are becoming an urban transportation method that if well thought out can reduce pollution, traffic jams, parking issues and accidents.
Naturism / Re: Beach below magic life jandia
« Last post by Magoo on Today at 10:03:42 »
You might be better off turning left and go past the surf club, as just past there is a mainly naturist area set back under the Robinson Hotel, and on the next beach along it is mainly all naturist both in the stone circles and on the sand.

Just got back from two weeks sun here.  Yes, the end sunbeds are still used by naturists and the Ayuntamiento are refurbishing them.  The price is €4.50 per item, that’s €13.50 per day for two beds and a Sombrillo. That adds up across two weeks, hence most are empty all along the beach.  A more reasonable rate or a discount after 2pm might encourage more people to use the.

The beach it’s self is OK but has been scoured back to rocks past the low tide mark.  There was a spring tide on our first week, so not really a problem. However on the second week, swimming was near impossible without foot ware to get you into swimming depth.  There was one open route in, a couple of hundred yards North that was usable, but it meant leaving your stuff unattended.

All in all, two good weeks though
she is very efficient she took us to notaria no sitting in the que a lot of people have told us how good she is and not bad to look at either
« Last post by Magoo on Today at 09:37:53 »
Just got back from two weeks in the South.  I had not a clue what 'Electric Scooters' meant in this context, I assumed someone had fixed motors to those little mincy silver scooters that kids and sad adults buzz around on.  I was not prepared for the monster reality of a machine capable of high speed carrying two people.  The situation in Jandia is not too bad with only a few around and they tend to stick to the cycle track. In Cory I saw a stupid cow try to ride one through a waterside restaurant and got stuck. 
The worse place by far, was a Caleta, where we I’ll advisedly stopped on the way back to the airport. Weatherspoons Warriors were flying all over the place on them and coming up at speed behind pedestrians.
It won’t be too long before someone is killed or seriously hurt. Got to agree with Woe, get a grip now

Yesterday. We spent little time in Caleta yesterday, but my neighbours tell me it was very much as forecast, we returned around 17:00 and it was certainly warm and sunny then the temperature was 34C, however, the wind did pick up approaching sunset, and there was a bit of a chill to it. :(

Puerto Rosario 19:15

Temp. 24C.

Morro Hable  between 11:30 and 14:00

Temp. 37C.

Lunch at Tio Juans at Juan Goper 14:30 { somewhat later than planned }

Temp. 38C.

Do not let the austerity of the place put you off, the inside is very pleasant food is good, and there are not many places on The Island you can eat at 05:00 should you need to ::)

Caleta at 17:15

Today 08:00

A cloudy but calm start.

Temp. 21C.

Wind. Northerly. 11/13 Mph.

Humidity. 72%

Visibility. Very good.

Sea. A 3/4 Ft swell.

UV extremely high by late morning.

Forecast:-  Yet another warm sunny day, the cloud to clear by late morning leaving a clear sky temperature to be in the range 30 to 36C. wind to move n/Easterly early afternoon but not to change in strength.

Thank you for your dedication John, best regards, Perry

Cheers Perry
General Chat / Re: Forum list of "Peekers"
« Last post by dagwood on Today at 08:15:13 »
Let's make a list of droopy balled - sandal wearing forum "peekers" just so we know who they are:

Jill Tie

Probably need their hard drives checking too.

Feel free to add others.
Dagwood.  I like to blame him for everything.  ;)

And me thinking you were a peeky blinder🤠🤠🤠
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