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General Chat / Re: Spain's Concerns Over Brexit
« Last post by dagwood on Today at 15:27:03 »
If you live in FV you already have.

What a strange boy????

I do believe Ass H0le is more appropriate 😉
General Chat / Re: Spain's Concerns Over Brexit
« Last post by ashworth on Today at 15:23:14 »
If you live in FV you already have.

What a strange boy????
General Chat / Re: Ryanair
« Last post by dagwood on Today at 15:13:46 »
Sounds a bit
On one of my bookings lately I made a blunder and noticed I had 2 hours to change without charge.
In our case we just book seats and priority and no plus or family plus. I don’t know if the Add ons are subject to the two hour rule.
BTW I never let the War Office near a booking.
General Chat / Re: Ryanair
« Last post by Tamkid on Today at 14:55:01 »
That's interesting Dagwood.  I booked the flights a while back, it was my other half today that decided she wanted to take a case for her special woman things. Your could be right if I had of made the mistake at the initial booking or do you reckon it could be at anytime when you book extras with Ryanair?? I am uncertain how they get around the UK consumer law? I think I read somewhere you have 24 hrs to change your mind and get a refund??? Its a bummer. Hopefully my story will help someone else NOT make the same mistake, there are a few doddery folk out there like me, maybe not quite as bad.

I think the bottom line is I didn't book extra cases as separate items during the original booking, I just accepted that you are expected to pay for everything with Ryanair and did not read the Priority Plus
properly, it mentions nothing about the 20kg check bag on the actual Boarding Pass i.e.on the left side of the Boarding Pass it reads Priority & 2 Cabin Bags in LARGE PRINT on the right side of the Boarding Pass it states PRIORITY PLUS in small print. I did not receive an emailed confirmation of the full booking until today which actually mentions the 20Kg Checked Bag, in my case 2x20kg Bags, that was after I had paid for the £80 for the Checked 20kg case, £40 both ways.
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 14:48:36 »

Afternoon all
General Chat / Re: Ryanair
« Last post by dagwood on Today at 14:26:00 »
Something amiss, as far as I know you now have up to two hours to rectify mistakes or cancel the booking and book again if that’s what it takes.
I always use the app.
Yes, I've been through this process. You can register online at using your contract number (which you can get from you bank payment receipt) or your NIE number.
You will then be able to see all your bills plus consumption etc.
Today's result:

Union Puerto  0   Estrella (Gran Canaria)  2

Cotillo are 15th with 41 points.  Puerto are 17th with 38 points, and only 1 point clear of Estrella who are in the relegation zone.

3 matches left in the season.
General Chat / Ryanair
« Last post by Tamkid on Today at 13:56:05 »
I stupidly booked a case both ways on a Ryanair flight in error i.e. apparently if you are a priority plus customer you automatically get checked Bag 20Kg allowance in with your cost, I only realised my mistake
when the flight confirmation came through from Ryanair that I had the 20kg allowance, cost of my mistake £80. I contacted Ryanair on the online chat within 7 minutes of making my mistake i.e. on receipt of the emailed Ryanair Confirmation, I asked in the hope they would show compassion and refund the £80 (stop laughing), a reply from RITA of Ryanair stated "We are a non refundable airline" is there anything else I can help you with today, over and over again, she/he then sent me a email with all of Ryanair Articles. Never mind its only money.
Fair difference in the standing charge then Ron.  Ours is €15.32 a month then €1.01 per cm3 up to 5 cm3, then €1.22 from 5 to 10 cm3.

How does your 'per cm3' compare to mine?
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