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General Chat / Re: Today's news
« Last post by F1REFLY999 on Today at 11:03:33 »
The second Scottish referendum will happen sooner than later

I really feel sad for the people that voted to leave as they have been lead a merry dance from fools that lied just to get votes
Thanks again Fifi....
General Chat / Re: Today's news
« Last post by Holierthanthou on Today at 10:30:25 »
Staying out of the Eurozone has proved to be a good decision.

Leaving Europe will be as good a decision if not better.

Slow and easy wins the race. Once the initial turmoil settles down lets see what happens. I think the doom mongers will be as wrong in the long term as they always are.
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Re: What you up to or have been up to today?
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 10:14:19 »
I hope Toyah was gentle with Bob ;D
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 10:13:04 »
morning all
General Chat / Re: Today's news
« Last post by Mr G on Today at 09:17:47 »
Nigel Farage: £350m NHS pledge 'a mistake'
General Chat / Re: Today's news
« Last post by Mr G on Today at 09:14:55 »
June 24 markets and currency in termoil, as predicted by Remain.
June 24 Turkey not admitted to EU , lies from Leave campaign
June 24 Farage no £350 million a week savings, Lies from Leave campaign
You have been conned.

Local paperwork, taxes, bills, NIE, Residencias etc. / Tax
« Last post by Johnrgby2 on Today at 08:27:37 »
We are coming up to a year on The Island, we purchased a property in October, and became residents in December, we have no income from The Canary Islands, or mainland Spain, we have investments and savings in The Uk, and I transfer money across as and when it is required, my questions are these.

.A. Do I have to make a tax declaration in The Canaries.

.B. If so when

.C. How do obtain the required documents

Thanks in advance
Car hire, transfers, buses and taxis / Re: Plus Car
« Last post by fuerte crazy on Today at 08:15:00 »
Paully, don't let this one bad experience put you off from using Plus Car in the future as it's not their normal way of working.  Sure we may have had to wait 5 or 10 mins for them to turn up to do the paperwork but to be honest the queue at the Cicar/Payless etc desks are always long so we don't wait half as long for Plus Car as we would if we'd booked CC/PL etc. 
The cars aren't always brand spankers but who cares so long as they drive ok and get you out and about during your stay.
Plus Car every time for us !!
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