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General Chat / Which British foods do you miss?
« Last post by admin on Today at 12:15:50 »
I know there are a very few "British" shops that stock our favourites but generally speaking, which British foods do you miss or at least are hard to find?

For me:

KitKat (with milk chocolate - the supermarkets just seem to stock the plain version these days)
Camp Coffee ( hold back on the jokes!)
Tinned Haggis (ditto)
Potato Scones
Treacle (I'm not calling it black treacle - treacle is black)
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Word Association
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 11:28:44 »
Son of Dross / Re: Re: 3 word story
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 11:27:32 »
beetroot and pickle
Son of Dross / Re: Todays Weather in Fuerteventura
« Last post by Captain Sensible on Today at 11:16:47 »
It's going to get even hotter over the next few days:
General Chat / Re: New Ferrari 458 Especial, Parked in El Matorral,
« Last post by KWC on Today at 10:45:40 »
Over zealous bobbies over there will do him for it being too noisy!!
Queries n Questions - Please keep this section succinct. / Re: beaches
« Last post by woe10 on Today at 10:39:07 »
There's absolutely no information or Signs on Beaches here about the dangers of swimming in Fuerteventura, even after people have drowned there.

But they've spent 1000's putting signs up on all beaches saying "NO DOGS"  :'( :'(
Son of Dross / Re: 3 word story
« Last post by H.R on Today at 10:29:07 »
Very mouldy old
Son of Dross / Re: COSMO's 1000 post Food and Drink Chain
« Last post by H.R on Today at 10:28:41 »
Gingerbread man
Son of Dross / Re: Rain. (NFPTPO)
« Last post by H.R on Today at 10:28:17 »
Lashing down  >:(
Son of Dross / Re: Word Association
« Last post by H.R on Today at 10:27:56 »
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