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Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 12:17:14 »

Afternoon all
Son of Dross / Re: Whats your weather like?
« Last post by Red Russki of the Rovers on Today at 12:05:16 »
Cold wet drab and dreary
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Red Russki of the Rovers on Today at 12:04:16 »
Afternoon all
Aye to this shitty weather
That's what I said to the missus, phone cleaners fault weather act of god/Allah, baggage handlers not their fault can see it Al in the email , but can only try
Environment & Weather / Re: UK winter weather warning
« Last post by duncolm on Today at 11:54:41 »
There was a gust yesterday which fair shook my house, but nothing broke. I don't think the weather's been unusual for November.
For some reason there's a new system whereby every storm that comes in is being given a name, as if it was a hurricane. This just makes it easier for the media to dramatise things, write more and create the appearance of things being bad. Because they've got a name, even storms which arrive in the far north and the national press would previously have ignored, get written about.
The same goes for the hot weather system which I think is only used in England. It's not enough to say it's going to be hot, take care. There has to be a red or amber warning apparently.
I've done mine on and inserted photos of Fuerteventura
Last week went up to where the above used to be located near the 3 bums roundabout but it has closed down. Does anyone know if it has relocated elsewhere in PR or is there an alternative one?
Payless es  i am sure are part of the Auto Cabrera Medina group which i think is part of the major motor group in Canaries something like Orvecame.
General Chat / Re: Tightened security leaving Fuerte
« Last post by Magoo on Today at 09:06:56 »
I once found an ipod down the back of my seat on a BA flight. The attendant just made a note of the seat number & put it in the galley.  It was business class though, & as we all know, terrorists always fly pikey.
Istanbul is a total cr@p hole, especially if you are connecting between international and domestic. I would have wept if I been told that we were returning.
Would not hold out much hope on the compo front, as most of the stuff that happened would be classed as force majeure.
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