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Back to the original post.  Just back from Fuerty and oh what a difference.  This junction was always a nightmare.
it should have said  futon couch

could anybody recommend somebody who would
cover  the above couches
Thank you.
Car hire, transfers, buses and taxis / Re: Goldcar V Autoplus
« Last post by archer101 on September 30, 2016, 22:29:51 pm »
Pluscar website appears to have been down all day. Anyone know what's going on?
Car hire, transfers, buses and taxis / Re: Goldcar V Autoplus
« Last post by bedouin on September 30, 2016, 22:20:24 pm »
She had to wait for transport to Goldcar's depot and they then wanted to take a 1,100€ deposit on her credit card - all for 1 day's hire of their smallest car! This would take her over her limit on her credit card so she had to say she couldn't take the car. She didn't get a refund of the money already paid!

I can't believe that she wouldn't have been aware of the need to leave a deposit, it's clearly explained in the booking conditions. She could alternatively have purchased their extra insurance, which would have meant she wouldn't have needed to leave any deposit. Having said that, I wish all hire car operators were as honest and straightforward as Pluscar.
Car hire, transfers, buses and taxis / Re: Goldcar V Autoplus
« Last post by Can the Man on September 30, 2016, 21:28:58 pm »
It is amazing the number of threads about how bad Gold car is and people still ask the same questions. When I am traveling somewhere other than Fuerteventura and need to hire a car I will always research forums about car hire companies.

I had a very bad experience with Gold car years ago and NEVER AGAIN, I think I still own shares in that car I paid so much to hire it I could of had a Merc from Pluscar for the same money as the Renault Kango with Goldcar

Car hire, transfers, buses and taxis / Re: Europcar
« Last post by Can the Man on September 30, 2016, 21:24:35 pm »
Hi Charlatanefc, 338.80 Euros, but they dont appear to have actually debited or credited the card with the tranactions. This has been the same in previous years. They have the card details, but never seem to debit the amount. We assume that they would in the event of damage. The amount is marked on the hiring agreement. Hope that helps.

The reason you don't see a debit is because they don't charge you unless they have to, what they do is reduce the amount of available credit. You won't see it unless you run up credit close to your limit. Great to hear that you had a good experience, I am a big fan of Plus Cars (Autoplus) and I only use one or the other now.
Queries n Questions - Please keep this section succinct. / Re: Monarch Uncertainty
« Last post by paully on September 30, 2016, 20:47:58 pm »
Good news for Monarch and its staff and customers. The CAA have agreed,tonight after all day talks, to extend their ATOL for 12 days, in order to get a new investment over the line, which should lead to a full renewal. It certainly went to the brink with the CAA and the directors whose silence was deafening, all week.

  Never mind seems onwards and upwards.......we hope


Naturism / Re: november holiday
« Last post by bedouin on September 30, 2016, 17:19:28 pm »
I'm sure I'm not typical, but I can't imagine coming to this lovely island and then spending my time in a cinema, bowling alley or casino.  I can do that in England if I want to. But I can't visit sunny naturist beaches in England (... or in Caleta!).
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