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Hi , Every property needs maintained over time , just a matter of upkeep... you have chosen well on Pueblo C ..

I bought it when it was a shell , so no survey done ..dont even know if surveys are done at all in Fuerte

Hmmm....didn't see any cause for concern on our two visits & the houses on PC 'seem' pretty solidly built, but I guess with them being quite young properties, things do develop as the years pass.

They don't appear to offer (or do) surveys as a matter of course in property deals? Is this right? Worth doing privately? Or not?
General Chat / Re: Ryanair lead the way!
« Last post by hev on March 28, 2015, 21:35:19 pm »
And as you are so humantarian waggy how about volunteering to go and find some of those body parts strewn along that mountain..the poor families are having to give their DNA so they can be matched to bits of flesh, skin, the odd finger or part of a be put in a small box. The whole human part will never be matched for a decent 'burial'.. have a bit of sympathy for their families..instead of that monster who planned to murder all those innocent people.
General Chat / Re: Ryanair lead the way!
« Last post by hev on March 28, 2015, 21:28:05 pm »
My son and grandson fly out to se us regular. No forgiveness whatsoever would I give if that ever happened to them, ever.
He knew what he was doing... he told his girlriend 'he would be remembered forever'.
It's come out it wasn't just one sick note but several, reaching weeks back, that he had torn up.
He knew he wa going to murder, yes murder, all those innocent people including children..he did it on purpose.
He is a mass murderer.
General Chat / Re: Clocks forward?
« Last post by waggy on March 28, 2015, 20:21:09 pm »
Yes (or after 2am to split hairs) though don't know why 2 :-)

Indeed, Emmi; Spring forward (- Fall back.) 1  hour.
General Chat / Re: Ryanair lead the way!
« Last post by waggy on March 28, 2015, 20:16:14 pm »
Yep read it in the gutter press you so despise. The same gutter press thats motivated virtually all the posts on this thread.

For someone who thinks all discussion is worthless until the investigators report comes out you wasted a lot of breath on his supposed depression a post or two ago.

My previous response was motivated by the need to counter ill-informed, ignorant and unthinking comment about people with depression - the word 'scum' was used I think.
Regarding forgiveness: The Father of a victim said on the news tonight that he did not hold the perpetrator responsible because it wasn't his fault.
Snide personal attacks on me , by the way, will not influence my comment. We have to wait for the official report before informed comment can be made.
cheers guys. I'll try Caleta first as I know they speak good english.
General Chat / Re: Clocks forward?
« Last post by Snowdrop on March 28, 2015, 19:14:04 pm »
Yes (or after 2am to split hairs) though don't know why 2 :-)
Agree With bridlife...I haven't regretted buying there. I have had some damp on the walls and some of the render did come of the garden wall.  The damp was sorted by a coat of good quality exterior paint and the garden wall, well that was patched up painted and forgotten about.  We didn't have a crack for a long time but about a year and a half ago one did develop, i'm told it is not a cause for concern and will get it filled and painted over. Never had any other problems and the neighbours all seem very nice (hi RobnHelen!)

on another note ...10 years ! surely not?   we didn't buy at the very outset, but it doesn't seem that long ago!

General Chat / Clocks forward?
« Last post by emmi on March 28, 2015, 19:01:16 pm »
I've lost all track of I right that the clocks go forward after midnight tonight?
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