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Many years ago we used to go to a municipal fish market on the front at Puerto Del Rosario. It was always very busy. Does anyone know if it is still there? I have looked in the place I remember it being, on Google Earth, but can't see it. I could be looking in the wrong place as it was a long time ago. I know all the supermarkets sell really good, fresh fish but I do love a real market.
General Chat / Re: Beer bike (NEW AND EXCITING !!! )
« Last post by MandK on Today at 07:27:26 »
Hi people, I am not surprised by the personal replies from MANDK and JOCK719.

I dont mind people earning money as long that it is safe and doesnt harm people. In the case of scooters chrildren and pensioners.

Now the nasty personal comments of the two pricks above are no doubt from the local drug pushers and drunks.

If they you think I am a pensioner I will see you idiots anytime at Heros or the Sports Lounge. And by the way I am sure the two above are not drug pushers or drunks however just to prove to these two that anybody can be insult people.

Maybe an extra brain would help.


Its a date .... :D

Other Places / Tindaya - Bar Gonzales
« Last post by TamaraEnLaPlaya on Today at 02:10:51 »
Right in the centre of the village, just past the Cultural Centre and the church. This is a great Spanish bar serving traditional food (and chips!) at very good prices. They have recently extended their menu which can vary from day to day. There is a lovely inside area with tables (and a fantastic view of Montana Tindaya) for those who prefer not to eat at the bar. Drinks are the cheapest I have found anywhere on the island. No draught beer.
TV showing Spanish football, and English matches if available on a second screen. Pool table. The locals love their dominoes and cards and their sometimes heated exchanges are a great way to learn some new Spanish words!
Opens at 7am (Arehucas on the way to work!) and stays open until late/the last person leaves, food seems to be served all day including takeaway. This is a bar serving good, basic food, not a restaurant so don't expect steak on the menu.
Today's menu included Ropa Vieja (beef and chickpea stew), homemade empanadas, pulpo, carne de cocino, patatas bravas, pescado en salsa cebolla (a fish in onion sauce), carne de cabra and various bocadillos made to order.
Well worth a visit if you are out this way.
Son of Dross / Re: 3 word story
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 00:20:14 »

To the local
Son of Dross / Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
« Last post by Baldy on Today at 00:18:58 »

Morning all
Queries n Questions - Please keep this section succinct. / Re: DHL shipping
« Last post by gattaca66 on December 03, 2016, 23:56:07 pm »
Yes, for smaller stuff Royal Mail are best, but always remember to include your NIE number as part of your address - I put it immediately after my name - to avoid unnecessary charges or delays.

For bulkier stuff, Woodside are brilliant. I was quoted huge delivery costs by the supplier of some sports stuff I wanted from the UK, but Woodside gave me a UK address for the supplier to send it to (free UK delivery), then they brought it over for me at a fair price. Quick, and secure!
General Chat / Re: Beer bike (NEW AND EXCITING !!! )
« Last post by hev on December 03, 2016, 23:27:39 pm »
We had breakfast out every day last week at different places and repeatedly saw the scooters whizzing around the white centre at alarming speed, all with NO HELMETS and no regard for pedestrians. Sat at El Capitans for tapas a couple of lunchtimes and saw the same. One guy must have been 20+ stone... how the heck he managed to get his scooter to go that fast with that weight I don't know. Sat at Trafalgar one morning and saw 5 people with again no helmets .... as a matter of fact we never saw anyone on them with helmets.... I thought this was compulsory.
Thanks archer. Got DW eventually. He no longer does that work for other pps info
General Chat / Re: Beer bike (NEW AND EXCITING !!! )
« Last post by erik_tonny on December 03, 2016, 22:51:14 pm »
I already give Corralejo a twenty mile berth as it's not the Spanish cultural self it used to be; it's a mish-mash of the worst kind of touristic development and not worth even a fleeting visit nowadays and that's all because Blackpool is too cold in the Winter. Caleta is totally false and was beamed down from Cleethorpes and the Huns are at the gates of El Cotillo.
Why do we always seem to have to destroy that which attracts us in the first place. It's a crying shame.
I'm truly very sad to admit that you are 100% right.
When asked the benefits of living on Fuerteventura, my answer is always: the skies are blue, the temperature is okay, and then I'm at a loss of words.
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