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Planning three family-trips on Ryanair this year? Bag 20% off the third if flying off-peak in winter

Jet-setting families, with children 15 and under, who frequently travel Ryanair and check in luggage or book seats, could slash 20% off a third return-trip in a year.

The rules are:

    There must be at least one adult.
    There must be at least one child up to age 15.
    The same group of people must have flown at least two return flights in the previous year.
    You must have added at least one 'extra', such as seats, priority boarding or checked luggage on both the previous flights.

To get the discount:

    If you qualify, BEFORE the third booking, fill out this Ryanair family discount form. It will then approve your eligibility and email you a code, which you need to enter when making your booking to get the discount, and flights must be taken between October and March.
    You must make the booking within four weeks of getting the code.
    You can't travel between 20 Dec 2016 to 5 Jan 2017 — so it excludes travel over Christmas.

Of course, don't just assume because it's a discount that it's cheapest. Always compare with other airlines' prices .
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