Author Topic: New money transfer service- Lebara Money (get £15 off when you transfer £100!)  (Read 1335 times)

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Hi everyone,

I've been using TransferWise recently (thanks to Firefly's post in this forum) but there is a relatively new service now available through Lebara Money who offer very good rates and a discount on your first transfer. It's a very similar offering to TransferWise so thought id let you know.

Their rate tracks the mid-market rate on xe very closely and at the moment there are no additional fees. There's also the ability to lock in a rate for 30 days although I've not tried that myself.

Transfers showed in my Sabadell account in around 36 hours.

This link gives you £15 off when you transfer £100. At the moment that equates to an equivalent rate of about 1.36 if you just send £100!
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