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Author Topic: Hotel Pajara Beach ???? Costa Calma  (Read 5885 times)

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Hotel Pajara Beach ???? Costa Calma
« on: July 11, 2012, 14:11:36 pm »

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Re: Hotel Pajara Beach ???? Costa Calma
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2012, 13:37:06 pm »
Have to say this hotel has been our "go to" one when we are being lazy and want others to wait on us.

Its clean, modern, big pool with plenty of sunbeds and the food is varied and good for an AI. The drinks are rough and ready, but when mixed with cola etc, are ok and the entertainment can be good some nights and woeful the next, especially when the animation team hold the evening.

Generally this hotel is very relaxed and bright modern design, never rowdy and nothing is ever too much for the staff.  As I said the food is varied and changes everynight with range/show cooking, as you wait at times for food like steaks or similar premium products.  Nice touch for last year is the waitresses now bring you a bottle of wine (of your choice) to the table and beer if needed.  We have never found the dining room that busy that you have to wait for a table, always one or two available if you look.

The hotel burb states it on the beach - it isn't, but is near enough that a 15m walk won't sort out. The imeediate beach is next to the Esmeralda Hotel and is clean, but due to the natre of the shore line, can be busy with walkers close in.  The next one past the cliff top bistro/cafe is larger and tends to be frequented by Naturists mainly.  After that its the start of the long and wide Sotavento Beach down past the two wind surfing centres.

The sea/tide cab come in around you when out on the lagoon spits, so watch for that, unless you wish to wade through the water to get to the beach.

All in all its the best AI hotel we have encountered so far and well worth a visit.

Thanks for reading.