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Your Profile - How to include pictures
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:17:14 pm »
You can now upload  pictures (I think about 6) to be included in your profile.
There are other things you can add too.

Here's how:

Forum / Forum Profile / Summary

Now this bit isn't very obvious I'm afraid. To upload pictures to your profile:

Click the Profile Pictures heading

Then Add Picture and follow the instructions.

To modify the Profile with the new settings

Profile / Forum Profile / Modify Profile / Ultimate Profile

You'll then get these options:

Only buddies can view my Ultimate Profile
Disable comments
Only buddies can post comments
Disable new comments notification
Show my pictures only to buddies and admins
Number of buddies shown on profile
About me:
Here you can write a few sentences about yourself.
My Interests: Music, Movies, Sports, Hobbies...
My Media: You can paste codes for your favorite videos, music... here. Also, HTML and CSS are supported.
Customization: Here you can add some HTML and CSS to customize look & feel of your profile.

To Edit, Change or Delete your picture:

Profile / Forum Profile / Profile Info /
Click on the Picture
On the bottom right of the picture you get the options to edit or delete it.

Please note. Photos uploaded must not be racist, sexist, pornographic, hateful etc. i.e. Our (arbitrary) moral standards apply.

To let people know you have now included photos in your profile please use this thread:
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