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El Cotillo
« on: September 22, 2014, 22:00:59 pm »
 Hi all

Where are the best places in El Cotillo?  Where does it start and stop?
looking for somewhere to swim that's secluded.   Have recently discovered
the lighthouse ( is this still part of El Cotillo?) If you are looking at the lighthouse
with the sea behind it,  what is the best way to access the places to the right? (hope that makes sense).   I look over and see people miles away ( have they walked/driven?)

Thanks in advance
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Re: El Cotillo
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Just a little bit before the lighthouse (going north from the village) is an unmade road off to the right at a small parking area. Take that for the lovely bays along the north coast. You can park right down by the beach so it makes for easy access; just don't try to drive fast on the stony road. I imagine it's part of El Cotillo - I don't know what else it would be part of, anyway :).

Then there are various lagoons on your way there. The only problem with the area is that you really need to go around high tide if you want to swim, otherwise you may be restricted to paddling! They're all pretty quiet outside of the main summer school holiday period. And all are clothes-optional, so do your own thing, whatever it is (within reason :)).