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General Chat / Re: A Sad Loss
« Last post by Deso on Today at 14:19:43 »
RIP Graham, lovely fella   :'( 

He'll be having a brew with Tony now.
General Chat / the complete villa winter thread
« Last post by vivafuerte on Today at 14:17:50 »
just thought I would start a thread on Villa Winter so we can keep everything ive heard/read about the place in one place.

some of this is fact some is stories ive read/heard/rumours.

Franco gave hitler the jandia peninsula in return for hitler bombing Guernica in 1937, the germans had feet on the ground before this but the area was cordenned off and jandia belonged to germany after this.
there is a natural cove under the hill below villa winter
you could access the sub cove via stairs from villa winter (now blocked up)
there are 2 natural lava pods leading to the sea big enough for U boats to go in and out of
the villa was built on top of a bomb shelter (fact)
there was rail lines going into the hill (remenants of these are visable today)
there was armed guards with security dogs on coffette all they way up untill 1992
Mr Winter built the dock in morrow jable
the road to cofette was built by prisoners of war held at a camp in tefia
the nazi's boasted about having a under sea hidden uboat base
american intel said Mr Winter was supplying the U Boats from morrow jable, he wasnt, he was recieving stock at the morrow jable dock then taking them over to the base via trucks then rail into the hill.
story has it that one of the u-boats broke down blocking one of the entrances, that was when 6 U-boats where seen restocking in Gran Canaria and the british consulate complained to spain as he had seen them with his own eyes.
a maritime engineer in Gran Canaria says his father (then the largest maritime engineering firm in GC) used to re load the torpedoes for them and has found 4 enigma machines in the area the germans drilled out for restocking torpedoes (its the side of a hill facing the sea)
there is a clean room in Villa Winter that would be ideal for surgery
rumour has it locals where detained in the cells below VW and some of the nazis stole their identity/had facial surgery to change the way they looked so they could roam the globe free.
there are no accounts of anyone ever seeing hitler in FV but there are several of reported sightings in south Tenerife shortly after the war.
Son of Dross / Re: Word Association
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:16:15 »
Son of Dross / Re: Song Title Story
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:15:05 »
My life         Billy Joel
Son of Dross / Re: Fuerte and other places here we come
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:13:53 »
Yep safe journey and have a great time Steve
Son of Dross / Re: How are you feeling?
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:12:46 »
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:11:41 »
Well spotted Dee ;D
Son of Dross / Re: Whats your weather like?
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:09:54 »
Was sunny now overcast
Son of Dross / Re: TWO WORDS
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:09:01 »
American football
Son of Dross / Re: Corrie here I come....
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on Today at 14:08:03 »
86 days
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