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Son of Dross / Re: 3 word story
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on February 18, 2019, 16:26:53 pm »
For his trips
General Chat / Re: Forum
« Last post by paully on February 18, 2019, 16:26:28 pm »
I think most right thinking people would agree that such a ban is timely and welcome. If they try to come back under assumed names you will soon be able to spot them. They are incapable of changing their spots. Saw it on another aviation forum..That one didnt last long either and still banned.
Son of Dross / Re: TWO WORDS
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on February 18, 2019, 16:25:42 pm »
Pressure cooker
Son of Dross / Re: Word Association
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on February 18, 2019, 16:24:37 pm »
Son of Dross / Re: Song Title Story
« Last post by Ronnie The Bantam on February 18, 2019, 16:23:56 pm »
True blue     Madonna
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on February 18, 2019, 16:00:05 pm »
Some comments in relation to the latest update by Enrique.


Begoña Ageitos
Begoña Ageitos
hey will when they see the ears of the wolf.... I remember El Hierro.... I hope it stops... because that doesn't cover it or with cement 😉... thank you for the

Ale Garcia Delgado
Ale Garcia Delgado AMAZING 8 Earthquakes, when from 23 to five there are more than sixty

Aroa Sabina
Aroa Sabina I'm still with the same.... suddenly many dogs of the village start to scream and bark... since yesterday I noticed... and look... mmmm without comments.... 😥

Adrián Martel Suárez
Adrián Martel Suárez I have counted more than 50 earthquakes, because the Instituto Geográfico Nacional de España y CNIG does not give those earthquakes. What happens, they prefer to hide data, before tourism is affected. That he won't
Environment & Weather / Re: El Hierro
« Last post by jand on February 18, 2019, 15:44:04 pm »
Latest update courtesy of Enrique.


" cramps on the south dorsal, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. - follow the movements in the south dorsal area and as a few cramps, there are a lot of microdisks in this area, and it seems that they go to more in the swarm area with 7 localized magnitudes between 0.6 and 0.9 This morning in the area between 6 AND 7 KM (and a few more without locating) and 6 yesterday, of magnitudes between 1.1 and 0.6 with depths between 6 AND 8 Km (with a few more without locating too) and one antesdeayer with many without locating. In final hundreds without locating.. my mother....

It must be noted that the azimuth of these earthquakes ranges between values of 80 and 120, that is, they are due to almost vertical breakages (90) indicating a process of opening the dorsal, surely caused by dissipation Of pressure coming from below by magma that intruye or pushes from below. In addition these earthquakes are pretty well located with gap under 150, which indicate a good location by having gaps between 120 and 130, which indicates a good density of seismic sensors in that area, although it is improved of course .

To These earthquakes located yesterday by the ign we have to add another two, one in the sea, approximately located 1 km from the coast of arico of magnitude 1.4 to 22 km deep and another in the volcano area In the middle, about 20 km to the SW of the underwater volcanic cone with a magnitude of 1.8 and 4 KM DEEP (regarding the bottom of the sea or topography of the land).

And as we continue to happily spend the days, that wasted and ninguneados by the ign, covering the more information better, espeialmente on Saturday where more than 20 signs of clearly localized earthquakes are appreciated and some more on Sunday, I guess everything under the False belief "that the carnivals come and you can't move much that tourism but scares".

What scares tourism is the lack of clear and quality information, which should supply the ign and does not do so that the more it cuts, the worse, the harder it will be the fall of the canaries for several reasons. When this cannot be covered by being meaningful on the whole island and even in the neighboring islands, there will be no solution possible.

Now that it has not started, they should be watching the volcanic phenomenon in a clean and impeccable way, instead we have a shameful, corrupt, grim, mediocre, mediocre and very difficult to understand, that cuts everything that can be cut. This will make you lose all money and investments. In Italy, Hawaii, meeting or Iceland know it very well and prepare for these events minimizing the loss of eruptions, which even attract another type of tourists.

Reporting is not alarm, educating in the volcanic phenomenon is to prepare for when there is an eruption, that we will like it or not and that will be in a time period that we do not know at the moment, months, years, maybe dozens of years, What will happen without any doubts coming soon, geologically speaking. (Enrique)"

Today Monday day 18/02/2019-7 at the moment.
Es2019cbdln 18/02/2019 00:47:30 00:47:30 28.1517 16.6641 6 KM M 0.6 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbdoe 18/02/2019 01:07:29 01:07:29 28.1568 16.6679 7 KM M 0.7 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbdop 18/02/2019 01:13:04 01:13:04 28.1569 16.6613 7 KM M 0.7 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbefj 18/02/2019 02:07:02 02:07:02 28.1511 16.6669 6 KM M 0.7 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbefl 18/02/2019 02:07:59 02:07:59 28.1349 16.6586 6 KM M 0.6 mblg sw vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbeli 18/02/2019 02:55:24 02:55:24 28.1542 16.6710 7 KM M 0.6 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbfci 18/02/2019 03:51:53 03:51:53 28.1518 16.6657 7 KM M 0.9 mblg w vilaflor. Itf

Yesterday Sunday day 17/02/2019-8 located.
Es2019cakic 17/02/2019 04:47:16 04:47:16 28.1541 16.6663 6 KM M 1.1 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cakkb 17/02/2019 05:02:34 05:02:34 28.0851 16.4522 22 km m 1.4 mblg Itf
Es2019caklf 17/02/2019 05:12:51 05:12:51 28.1535 16.6633 6 KM M 0.8 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cambm 17/02/2019 08:15:31 08:15:31 27.9604 16.2359 4 KM M 1.8 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019camca 17/02/2019 08:17:23 08:17:23 28.1540 16.6679 7 KM M 0.7 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbdel 17/02/2019 23:49:51 23:49:51 28.1525 16.6569 8 KM M 0.6 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbdep 17/02/2019 23:51:47 23:51:47 28.1547 16.6577 7 KM M 0.6 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
Es2019cbdfg 17/02/2019 23:55:05 23:55:05 28.1555 16.6665 6 KM M 0.6 mblg w vilaflor. Itf
- and a few without locating where they are?

Antesdeayer Saturday day 16/02/2019-1 located.
Es2019cacgh 16/02/2019 11:12:28 11:12:28 28.1692 16.6700 7 KM M 1.1 mblg nw vilaflor. Itf
- and many without locating where they are?

Earthquake Visor in the canary islands

IGN SEISMIC MAPS TO 3, 15 and 90 days

List of earthquakes in the canary islands in the last 10 days:
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Song Title Story
« Last post by DaveW on February 18, 2019, 15:29:04 pm »
Feeling blue - Creedance Clearwater Revival
Son of Dross / Re: Re: Word Association
« Last post by DaveW on February 18, 2019, 15:24:10 pm »
Son of Dross / Re: TWO WORDS
« Last post by DaveW on February 18, 2019, 15:23:39 pm »
Tyre pressure
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