Author Topic: The best way to manage your money convert to euro/USD/anything with NO CHARGES  (Read 2433 times)

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not sure if you are on to this one yet but there is a new kid on the block for managing your travel money, it comes with a contactless pin card that you pre pay and transfer into Euro or any other currency (including crypto crrencies like bitcoin) and allows you to draw out up to £200 per month cash from the cash machines free of charge and spend a maximum of £5000.00 per month in any currency, free of charge.

the exchange rate is the same as the actual market rate (see for the live rate) and its free to use if you stay within the limits, if you pay for the premium service you have a max of £400 per month free withdrawls  (in any currency) and can pay by card in Euros if you have euros in your account (you can do this also with the free account)

really simple to use if you have a iphone set up with apple pay, just download the revolut app, pop in funds free of charge from apple pay, transfer to euro (free of charge at the actual rate) from within the app then pay on card in euros with no % charges, you have to transfer an amount to the currency you require before you can pay in that currency free of charge, the £5000 (in any curreny) limit applies to all card payments, going for a meal and they take cad ? pay on the card, cash only? go to the hole in the wall and grab some cash (if you dont have it already) and again, premium or not, its free of charge.

its also managed by the app so if you lose the card you can stop the card from within the app and you can request payments etc (like paypal) with no charges in any currency (even bitcoins)

then once you are done, you can just pop the funds back into sterling (at the exact exchange rate with no fee) and transfer that back into your current account.

top tip, if you get one each for you and your partner you can draw out a combined £400 (in any currency) per month (£200 each account obviously), ideal for a short break away :)
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Hi viva,
as a frequent traveler I'm using revolut for almost 1 year and I'm very happy with it.
Just few remarks here:
- some cash machines will charge you a commission for the withdrawal - it happened to me in Caleta with a Euronet cash machine wanted to charge 3 EUR for the transaction. I cancelled the transaction and got cash from a Telebanco ATM w/o any commission.
- the ATM will recognize card currency is not EUR and will propose you to do the conversion at a very good rate...for their bank:). So when you come to the screen with conversion, always choose NO CONVERSION. Let Revolut do it for you at a very good rate.


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It seems every ATM will charge a transaction fee since January 2019, even drawing Euros kwithout conversion’.