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Paddy in space
« on: March 19, 2018, 22:35:31 PM »
N.A.S.A thought they would send Paddy to space.
Just before he entered the rocket they told Paddy they will be sending a monkey with him.
He was told there are two letters on board and they must only be opened once they were in orbit.
After blast off they soon reached orbit and Paddy says to the monkey, "Well, are you going to open your letter?"
The monkey opened and read his letter. Paddy asks,"What does it say?"
The monkey replied, "Once in orbit check forward and rear thrusters and check all gauges".
The monkey says, "Come on Paddy, open your letter".
The monkey asks, "Well, what does it say?"
Paddy says, "Make sure you feed the monkey".