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Cotillo Beach Hotel is located in the tranquil area of El Cotillo, in northern Fuerteventura.
The hotel offers 144 en suite guest rooms which are all clean and well appointed with the modern comforts you would expect of a hotel of its class, including a television and hairdryer.
The hotel boasts a sweet water swimming pool for adults and children so guests can enjoy a refreshing dip or sunbathe on the spacious terrace.
The restaurant serves delicious buffet style cuisine, whilst the poolside bar serves light snacks and refreshments to accompany lazy days by the pool.
A selection of sports facilities are also on hand, including a multifunctional sports field, table tennis and billiards, amongst others.
Younger guests will be kept occupied with their own pool, playground and mini club making the Cotillo Beach Hotel an ideal destination for a fun filled family holiday.

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Not my cup of tea: completely out of scale with the rest of El Cotillo and, in my opinion, is the kind of mega-scaled over-development that has ruined the charm of the old village.
Whilst I don't doubt the quality and variety it offers, it and similar brash buildings nearby could have been built to belong somewhere else and not looked out of place.

I am somewhat apprehensive of the potential for friction between the naturist friendly nature of the adjacent lagoons and families of the "children must not see naked bodies" persuasion.

Nobody would want to stay at this Hotel , its right opposite the Sewage works and there's nothing in Cotillo to appeal to a person who enjoys Hotel style holidays . The Beaches are nearby and are very naturist friendly. A suggestion in the past was to make it a Naturist Hotel . Well this would work perhaps . We have been holidaying in Cotillo for several years twice a year and we have only seen the hotel open once

If you like doing very little Cotillo is the place to go. If you want entertainment then Corralejo it has to be . Kids will be bored here.

Was open during our stay in Cotillo this last 2 weeks.    It did however look very empty.   Spoke with one quest (a naked one) on the beach and he thought only about 25% occupancy.    Said the meals were not bad, another couple spoke with said the food was getting boring.

There was a bad food poisioning outbreak a few months ago and the hotel brought in doctors and nurses to treat guests in the hotel.


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