Author Topic: Bars & Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts - Reviews and Polls  (Read 9591 times)

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Bars & Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts - Reviews and Polls
« on: July 14, 2012, 14:12:27 pm »
There's now a Hotel Reviews and Polls section with what we hope are all or at least most of the Hotels on the island.

If you've stayed at any of the hotels please be kind enough to rate and review them.

There's a separate section for Resort Reviews and Polls . Please be kind enough to also rate and review any resorts you've stayed in.

Please just stick to the topic when reviewing in the review posts - chat will be removed - we're trying to make those threads useful and informative at a glance for all visitors.

We now have a Bars & Restaurants Reviews section. The more reviews posted, the more informative and useful it becomes.

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