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Sat news
« on: August 31, 2012, 15:25:24 pm »
The new satellite to replace the present sat broadcasting UKTV is now onsite ready to launch on 21 sept (originally planned for the 14th) All looks ok for coming online around the new year.

The Nilesat channel Claquette tv has gone and can be removed from your favourites, Kanal 4 has too but a rescan will bring it back in again on it's new frequency.

Automoto tv is now broadcasting top movies, long may it continue.

Also some new sports channels which might be worth a look.

On Astra Movies for Men 1 & 2 have weakened which seems to need at least a one metre dish now.

Over the past months many extra kids and music channels are now available including True Movies 1 & 2, True Entertainment and Pick tv (which is now free to air)

As you'll know most of the Astra channels an updated guide is below for the Nilesat free to air channels.

24hr Movie channels, in English.

Fox Movies

MBC 2 and MBC Max

Panorama Action


Top Movies


Kanal 4, mostly English also concerts and other stuff no link

Al Nahar Movies, formely Play Movies.


Mixture of series and films

Dubai one

MBC 3 kids, English in the morning, sometimes later. (other channels also show kids stuff in the morning)

MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC Persia

Fox Series

FX TV (Fox)

Kuwait tv 2

City 7 TV

Infinity TV, some English.

MTV Arabia

Fatafeat, cooking channel, multilingual.

Info here


News channels

Also BBC world news, CNN, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera news, France 24, Press tv, Euronews, The Asia Business channel and CCTV (China) all English.


Sports channels

It also has several international sports channels though unless it's pay per view these days top football is out, though games from other countries leagues are shown.

Gear one, multilingual, motor sports land, water and air

and Automoto tv, mainly cars and bikes (now showing movies too)

Dubai racing, Shows live horse racing, show jumping and other horsey stuff in English at times from all over the world including USA, Britain and Ireland and at times even switches to the premium channels Racing UK and At the Races. Camel racing too just for interest.

Al Jazeera sports 1 & 2 & Global which show various sports normally in Arabic but not always and has had the major boxing fights which are box office only to the UK but free, in English sometimes too if it's being fought in an English speaking place.
Other sports stations show the odd smaller league games and also Scottish games, also golf, tennis, basketball, WWF etc sometimes live sometimes not but of course all free.

Abu Dhabi sports 1 and 2 also show formula one both cars and bikes as well as other sports. Also Melody Sports, Modern Sports, Line Sports, Zoom sports, Dubai Sports 1 & 2, Kuwait Sports, Iraqia Sports,  and lately 2 Bahrain sports.