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Binter and Residents Discount
« on: October 04, 2012, 20:03:32 pm »
Article from Canarias 7
From this Thursday BinterCanarias passengers can fly without having to prove his residence through a physical certificate at the time of shipment.

Thanks to a pioneering initiative in Spain, customers will save the hassle of managing the certificates in the respective municipalities.

The system that will make it easier to fly between the Islands is called SARA (automatic residency accreditation system) and is a pilot project which BinterCanarias has developed jointly with the Ministry of development.

The SARA system is based on the accreditation of the residence at the time of purchase.

When a customer purchase a ticket through the web will be a consultation telematics to the database of the Ministry of development, from which will proceed to the validation if the customer is resident.

Through this process, if the passenger figure as a resident will be marked on the system, your electronic ticket or boarding card, so it will not be necessary to present the certificate of residence at flying.

An important aspect to take into account whether the passengers want to enjoy the advantages that allows SARA is the ticket must be issued, and therefore purchased, with the same name that appears in the DNI (national identity document).
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Re: Binter and Residents Discount
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That makes sense. Are you listening MR. RYANAIR ???

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Re: Binter and Residents Discount
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Re: Binter and Residents Discount
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Residents Discount

- Personally i think this should be abolished it is a blatant tourist rip off there should be no difference in charges for eu members