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All the years I have been coming over to Caleta I have enjoyed many meals at Lins what happened last thurs might have changed my mind about going again I was in Lins sun and again tues both days it was hard to get a table it was packed but service was quick and as usual the food was very good I went in again thurs and again it was packed but this time my order was taken just after we sat down 55mins later our meals arrived I called the waiter over to say something was missing from my meal he took the plate back to the kitchen and came back 10mins later I called him back to say my food was now cold he said there would be a long wait for my meal to be changed by this time my partner had nearly finished hers so I said I would get something to eat elsewhere when we asked for the bill I was charged for both meals when I said I did not eat mine because it was cold I was told I still had to pay because the meal had been served and I had refused to wait for a replacement meal after an argument I was told to pay for the one meal and drinks and my custom was not wanted again I never thought this would happen in a place like LINS