Author Topic: Mass Petition Launched Against Canaries Oil-Drilling Plan  (Read 2209 times)

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Mass Petition Launched Against Canaries Oil-Drilling Plan
« on: December 04, 2013, 23:38:47 pm »
A growing campaign against plans to drill for oil off Spain's Canary Islands has united politicians, environmentalists and personalities including the mother of Hollywood star Javier Bardem, a native of the archipelago.
An online petition launched on Monday against the plan by Spanish energy giant Repsol to prospect for oil off the islands had drawn more than 33,000 signatures by Tuesday afternoon.
In a manifesto read out in Madrid on Monday by Pilar Bardem, the Oscar-winning actor's mother, campaigners said the project threatened the Canaries' vital tourism sector.
"The drilling constitutes a serious threat to the natural assets of the islands, to its economy and its supply of drinking water, to it's tourism and therefore to it's present and future inhabitants," said Pilar Bardem, herself a well-known actress in Spain.
She was among several artists to throw their weight behind the campaign along with non-government groups such as Greenpeace; authorities including the Canaries regional government; local fishermen's guilds and Spain's main opposition Socialist Party. 

Above copied from several online news sites.

Please sign the petition:

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