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La MARquesina restaurant
« on: June 19, 2014, 20:53:51 pm »
Right on the front.  The one with the advertising hoarding on the rocks beyond the seafront walk

I should have known better than to eat in another seafront place, but I wanted to kill a couple of hours on my last day.

EDIT - For lunch.  Service may not be so good at dinner

Service was very good. Both the static and the passing view was very good, particularly the young lady with cheeky shorts who sat down on the bench by the quayside and got up again very quickly.  Those things get hot!!

Test dish - gambas con ajo.  (also see Sotavento review).  Delivered still sizzling, plenty of prawns, bit short on garlic but the worst thing is that I think they use pre-cooked prawns as they have a cotton wool texture.

I just cooked the same thing at home with raw prawns and the difference is obvious.

Bill was 15.90 euros for:
Copa de vino 3.20
Agua con gas 2.20
Gambas ajo 8.30
Pan con ali oli 0.80 (I think that was a bargain!)
Expresso 1.40 (Good but not as good as the Cafe de Paris one at 1 euro)
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Re: La MARquesina restaurant
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2014, 22:30:06 pm »
Service was appalling when we ate there last year. Way understaffed for the number of punters. Gave up on the dessert after waiting almost an hour for it.