Author Topic: gay bars and nightlife in Corralejo  (Read 10094 times)

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gay bars and nightlife in Corralejo
« on: March 30, 2015, 20:59:06 pm »
Hi folks
I am a 45 year old gay guy.  What can I expect in terms of bars in Corrlejo?

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Re: gay bars and nightlife in Corralejo
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2015, 21:52:40 pm »
Quite a few to choice from I believe.  A couple to get you started are as follows:
H20 bar - down Main Street into town. When you get to the petrol station on the corner - go across the square there and H20 is on left side. A nice small friendly bar.
Also just before the petrol station and on the right you have a number of bars over two floors (el centro) behind these is a street that backs on to the beach - this small road has bugaloo bar on the end, then two bars down is a Dutch ran bar that is gay friendly as is spectrum night club (doesn't get going till late) at the start of the main bit of the high street on the left and upstairs by la tasca. 
But I am sure you will friend all the bars are friendly and will appreciate your business. 
When you arrive pick up one of the free newspapers or magazines telling you what's happening. 
Hopefully some other people will reply to you too :-)