Author Topic: Flights to and from western Canaries affected by weather over weekend  (Read 2010 times)

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Taken from Island Connections:

Post-Christmas misery for passengers as bad weather sees flight cancellations on small islands

Hundreds of passengers trying to return home from La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera after spending the Christmas break on the small islands in the western Canaries fell foul of the bad weather that brought chaos to air travel on Saturday and Sunday.

Canary Islands - 28.12.2015 - Poor visbility caused by the thick dust clouds from Africa (calima) that hung over the islands led to the cancellation of over 20 flights, with passengers forced to spend many hours at the airports not knowing if they would be able to leave. An added problem were the strong winds that blew for much of the week-end and made landing and take-off operations dangerous, particularlyu on La Palma. In north Tenerife, the calima conditions at Los Rodeos airport eased slightly yesterday only to be replaced a short time later by heavy rain and very low cloud, which did not help clear the backlog of stranded travellers on the other islands. Air travel was not the only sector affected by the conditions. The Lanzarote capital, Arrecife, missed out on cruise ship business on one of its busiest week-ends due to the choppy seas and blustery winds whch prevented several liners from making scheduled stop-overs.