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Just in case any of you have not heard of Showbox I have put the link above. I have been using it for a few months now. It is better than Netflix and it is totally free. It has all of the TV series and most of the new movies that are currently showing in the Cinemas on it and also thousands of others. You can choose by year, genre etc. It notifies you when a new film is being released too  and also there is a great movie news page. IMBD ratings are usually included too which is handy. When watching tv series it remembers the last episode that you watched which is very handy. There is a watch now option, you can stream from your android device to tv if using Google Chromecast or have a smart tv and also if you are in a bad wifi area there is the option to download so you can watch on the plane etc.

They were working on getting it on ios too but I am not sure if it is up and running fully yet so have a look and see.

I tried it in the Canaries recently and it worked a dream. :)
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Re: Showbox
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