Author Topic: IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, Playa Gaviotas, Playa Gaviotas Park?  (Read 1462 times)

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These three hotels seem to be close to each other near Jandia.  Is any superior from a naturist point of view (e.g. naturist pool or sunbathing area)?  As mentioned in another thread, I have (I hope temporary) limited mobility.

I discovered today that we can use Avios for rooms by phone via Iberia+ if we move our BA Avios over to Iberia+.

ROOM ONLY   12.500 Avios
HALF BOARD   24.000 Avios
FULL BOARD   34.000 Avios

It's probably a poor use of Avios but we do have rather a lot at the moment.  I'm thinking that half board is probably the best deal.

I posted in an old thread earlier today but feel it's probably better to ask in a new post.

Thanks for your advice.

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Re: IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, Playa Gaviotas, Playa Gaviotas Park?
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Can't offer any info but I'll be interested in helpful replies. Thanks for the info about AVIOS. I tried to move Iberia+ points over to AVIOS a few years ago but the system wouldn't let me so used Iberia+ points that were about to expire to purchase from a wine club. Now looking to use up some AVIOS ......