Author Topic: No more customs tax for online orders under 150€ - hooray!  (Read 1270 times)

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It has been a long time in coming, but from 29 June, all products ordered by Canary Island residents from online companies, such Amazon, under 150 euros in value will no longer have customs tax applied when delivered. This means that residents can order items from Amazon or other online companies that have the peninsular IVA deducted, and if the item is under 150 euros then the Aduana in the Canary Islands will not add additional local IGIC tax.

The Canary Islands Government had planned to abolish customs duty on low value items ordered from online companies in 2016, but the two failed national elections meant that no national government decisions could be taken to authorise this initiative. So nearly 18 months after agreeing this customs tax cut, it will now apply from 29 June, as the National Government has now endorsed this decision.

Previously, customers of online shopping websites were charged local tax on any item worth more than 22 euros, but often the Correos and private delivery companies would also apply a service charge and other charges. Therefore, Canary Island residents have often been unable to purchase good value items. Looks like Amazon orders will increase further.

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