Author Topic: How do I: Register with Spanish Tax Office for paying taxes on line  (Read 2116 times)

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I KNOW that I have read on this forum how to register with the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) so that I can pay my non-residents taxes on-line (aka Form 210), however, now I actually need to do that, I'm struggling to find the !?*@@@ page!!!

I'm pretty sure it was a posting by Beachlife that gave a link to the page.

Anyone help?


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Re: How do I: Register with Spanish Tax Office for paying taxes on line
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2017, 18:41:30 pm »
Not sure if you mean the web page for the actual form which can be found here, I hope the below may help.

Java download  :

Spanish tax form :

Make sure you remember to check your latest catastral valor.

The percentage to be used is 2% and the rate of tax is 19% for 2016 (reduced from 19.5% in 2015).

Make sure you use Internet explorer when you are downloading and going to the Spanish tax form. However make sure you follow the instructions below first before bringing up form 210 as it will load but then tell you that Java requires security to be changed.

After you download the latest Java you will need to add the address for the Spanish tax form (you need to add it manually by typing). To do so follow these instructions.

Go to control panel.

Click on Programs.

Click on Java.

Click on Security tab.

Make sure High is selected on security level.

In exception list click on edit site list.

Click on add.

Below Location double click in the box within the address and then type in the address for form 210 which starts https://www2.agencia...........

Then click OK the address should now appear in the exception list.

Then go to Internet explorer go to the form 210 using the above address and you will find you can eventually bring up the page. It may take a little time for it to load.