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Switching banks
« on: January 11, 2018, 14:49:56 pm »
Sabadell have been good for over four years but they are too costly.

Does anyone have experience of switching banks and ensuring that Direct
Debits continue to be paid but not paid twice ? Will the new bank typically take care of the new mandates ? Has anyone had any issues ?

There seems to be some uncertainty in the Corralejo branch about whether a non-Resident qualifies for the account whereby one deposits €700 per month and everything is free. Are there any non-Residents here doing this at the moment ? According to the Corralejo branch the problem seems to be whether this €700 comes from an identifiable source of income such as a pension or whether it is simply money being transferred each month from a € savings account for example.

I am determined to reduce my bank charges from the high levels I currently pay at Sabadell. Can anyone offer any advice ?



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Re: Switching banks
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2018, 09:44:42 am »
Hi Ernie

I am a resident, and bank with Sabadell, without a problem, The Manager at the branch in Caleta is a neighbour of ours, so I had a word, the account you are referring to where you deposit €700 and get fee free banking, is for residents only, and where the money comes from is irrelevant, which is what I suspected as I transfer money into our account from 2/3 different sources, and have never been asked to verify the source, and to be honest if we were not residents I would not pay Sabadell,s charges.