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Beach below magic life jandia

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Hi can anyone tell me if the beach just to the right of the magic life is still used by naturists I went a couple of years ago beginning of July and there wasn’t anyone in the buff going again beginning of July hoping there will be a few others so I’m not on my own

Yes, there can be naturists there, it all depends on how brave the naturists are, as Magic Life is predominantly a textile resort.  Naturism is generally accepted throughout Fuerteventura (obviously with the exception of the Caleta brigade) so go for it!

When we were there in March this year there were a few naturists on that stretch of beach, mostly at the far end nearer the Sensimar Royal Palm.  All of the stone bunkers at that end were filled by naturists. There were no naturists closer to or directly in front of the steps leading down from the Magic Life.

You might be better off turning left and go past the surf club, as just past there is a mainly naturist area set back under the Robinson Hotel, and on the next beach along it is mainly all naturist both in the stone circles and on the sand.

Great to see some activity in this section.I was beginning to think people had lost interest in letting the sun on their bodies. Roll mid October 8)


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