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Fuerte WiFi Tv box
« on: June 16, 2018, 13:46:37 pm »
Hi all,

Just looking for some advice.  We have fuerte Tv box installed last week, however yesterday evening we experienced some issues whereby the tv sound completely disappeared on channels bbc1 & bbc1+1 and then came back on in Spanish. 

On the server 2 nothing is there at all although it does have a list of programmes (not the correct ones)

The English programme menu comes up and all work perfectly except bbc1.  Bbc1 +1 has the same viewing problems.  Another thing that keeps happening is there another programme keeps breaking into the transmission on these 2 channels.    The TV screen also went blank and when it came back, there was no sound again.

Tried the tv again this morning and all seemed ok for 15 mins, but then done exactly the same again.  All other channels seem to be ok, so I can only assume there’s something wrong with the tuning of the bbc1 channel.

Does anyone have experience if this?.  I’ve tried contacting fuerte WiFi, but they are closed until Monday.

If anyone has any help, this would be great