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Has anyone any information if Reynaldos is still accessible by foot with all these closures, and is this part of the beach still open to the public hopefully someone has info it would be a shame if this caused his business to fail....  :o :o

Judging from this post it is still accessible along the beach from the hotels.

Thank you,  looks as if it might get more restricted as filming goes on has anyone been to Reynaldos....

That would be one serious walk across the sand from the 2 hotels, always assuming that you can find anywhere to park in the vicinity of them. Must be easier going to El Cotillo

Hi Paully, everytime we are over usually get taxi to hotels find a spot just by hotels and walk to Reynaldos for something to eat everyday we go so used to walk just wondering if anything to restrict us doing that now and usually naked for walk...  :o :o


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